“Marsala Wine at Christmas Time”. The Wines of the Territory Meet the Sicilian Gastronomy, Its Excellencies and Its Taste

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“Marsala Wine at Christmas Time”. The Wines of the Territory Meet the Sicilian Gastronomy, Its Excellencies and Its Taste

At Palazzo Fici, Master Class, Live Cooking and Mixology among the activities planned

It will be a party in Marsala Wine City. From 15 to 17 December, Palazzo Fici will host the MARSALA WINE at CHRISTMAS TIME. A toast between the wines of the area and the regional typicality; an event with the Sicilian gastronomy, which falls in the imminence of Christmas holidays. And this is exactly the atmosphere that will breathe in the eighteenth-century Palazzo overlooking the historic XI Maggio street with citizens and visitors who will be involved in various activities. Beginning with the tasting of wines that – coupled with the local flavors, accompanied by musical notes – will be told by the same producers in Marsala. But the stage at Palazzo Fici will also host starred chefs, several times at the stove in various television programs. Live cooking will be conducted by Fabio Potenzano and Carmelo Chiaramonte (“I do not look for inspiration, she comes and finds me”); while the “master class” is entrusted to Emanuele Russo (“a color or a contrast of light is enough to suggest a new recipe”). Then the sparkling “mixology” area, with cocktails prepared by young and brilliant marsalese bartenders Roberto Tranchida, Davide Teresa and Salvatore Maggio. MARSALA WINE at CHRISTMAS TIME – which will enjoy entertainment with folk groups and theatrical performances (“Piazza Vittorio Orchestra” and “Concert Gospel”) – is promoted by the Girolamo Administration in collaboration with the Regional Tourism Department, Wine Road Association and the Marsala Institute Institute, and also uses the regional IRO, Gal Elimos and the Conservatorio Scontrino di Trapani. Over the course of the three-day Lilibetana – in which we will also talk about “Mediterranean diet” and “experimental wines” – a special space will be reserved for the masters Cioccolattieri di Modica and the “Mercatino dei Sapori”, curated by Sicilian food and wine producers.

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